Week #6 -Food post


Five GuysCreative Commons License Håkan Dahlström via Compfight

Hello fellow bloggers today I come to tell you about some of my favorite foods.So first on the list is a burger they are one of my favorites with the french fries or sweet potato fries and with mine a like a nice cold milk shake to dip my fries in it.Next most of the time here you see chicken there’s roasted,fried,crispy and bbq and there´s all sorts of places to buy it at like kfc,apple bees and walmart.


Photo Credit: stevendepolo via Compfight cc

And if you go to a baseball game you will probably eat a hotdog with ketchup and mustard and some other things or sometimes there wii be a filling but they will probably not have but you could get a corn dog which is a hot dog deep fried or you can just get a boring old burger but not from five guys.

That’s it for now until next bloggers-Michael7pm


Week-#8 Game time


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Hello all my blogging followers today I am going to write about other peoples blogs so here we go.

First I commented on Lillian6pm so go here because there is all sorts of things on her blog and I commented on her my world post and it was a nice and short blog but she got tons of details in it like things you can do here like hiking and you could go to the coast and see fishes or catch fishes or go to a oregon duck football game.

Next I commented on mary25 blog and it was her online and offline post you should really read it and I liked this poem because she talked about how she is offline an it was a big difference then online.

And for my last one I commented on dulces blog and the post that I commented on was the student council post and it was really cool that they have a vote on what there new t-shirt will look like and I wonder if any other schools do that too.


That is it for now and wait for next-Michael7pm.

Week 5-Images post

  • Blue Morpho : Weapons Red Robot via Compfight For my image post I have chosen to write a story with a picture and you guys add on to it in the comments.


There is a old tale of lego robots coming to gather to save the world and we are here to tell you how it started. It all started with four lego robots that were 4 brothers they all did not like each other and separated into different worlds. Some times they fought and sometimes it was even worse.But lets not get into so  you would like to know how they came together. And its is up to you and here is some details the main villain is a giant alien that can shrink. And if you do not stop him and you die he will eat the world.Good luck

Week 2-Commenting Post


This week I commented on Rashad6pm post it was a very good avatar post that I think he enjoyed writing.I also commented on Cameron1am  which was a old post and I learn that he was going to have a different name.I commented on alexander6pms avatar post which really seemed to fit him.and for my final one I commented on bella2016 which she had a cool easter card post that I might have to try.

Week 1- Avatar post


Screenshot 2016-03-14 at 2.59.02 PM

Hello world its is me the awesome blogger Michael7pm I have created a special new avatar that captures my personality He is now a stormtrooper because I love starwars and has a bownarrow because I like the hunger games and the wings well that is my creation it also gives him flight but lets get back to me I love this avatar and will probably  never change it but there is always a possibility who knows it might change next time ohh I almost forgot the back round is for well its star wars and its in space and my character likes the cold.

Week 9-My nominations post


For my nominations post I nominated http://mckenzie7pm.edublogs.org/ for best student blogger and Best Influential Post.Because of how much effort and thought she puts into it and I love how she puts every single little detail in her storys and I always wish that they are longer.Her best post in my opinion is about her dog cooter it is a very sad story about her dog that died :^(.


Week-7 Feeding The Bears


Aurora Bearialis

Thomas Gehrke via Compfight


  Hello today I am going to be writing about the fantastic polar bears you are probably wondering why I love these creatures so much and the reason is that they have so many facts about them like.

  • They live in mostly Alaska,Greenland,and Norway  
  • If you would like to watch some polar bears then go to this website http://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/cams/polar-cam
  • They like to hunt their prey the ringed seal.
  • To battle they stand up on their hind legs and there head staring at there chest and there paws on there side. 

  There are only around 2,500 polar bears left in the world and there are over 100 places that keep polar bears in a zoo or aquarium here is a website if you would like to track some polar bears http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/about-polar-bears/tracking/bear-tracker.The oldest polar bear in the world her name was debby she died at age 42 and has the world record for oldest polar bear she was born in the soviet arctic.

IZ-polarbear05 Alix Clinkingbeard via Compfight

Week #1 Avatar post


Screenshot 2015-10-27 at 1.02.06 PM

Hello everyone, my name is michael7pm, and this avatar represents me because I am always smiling.  Plus I have octopus legs because they are one of my favorite sea creatures, and I have a turtle shell because one day I would like to have a turtle as a pet, and for last I have crab hands because they are also one of the best ocean creatures.


Week 3- Images Post


Busch Stadium Alex Lewis via CompfightCreative Commons License Karen Blaha via Compfight

I put this picture in my blog because it reminded me of when I was going to St. Louis, but then I got sick two days before, and then I got everyone else sick. Then I had to take care of everyone, and I did a terrible job because when they were sick, I was watching TV. My seats in St. Louis were going to be right behind the Cardinals dugout, and I was hoping to get some autographs. Since we missed our trip, my grandma wrote a letter to the St. Louis Cardinals, and then they sent back a box filled with stuff like a bobble head and some other stuff.

Week #2-Comment post


http://hugo7pm.edublogs.org had a nice blog; it really describes him very well. He put in good details about his avatar, and it looked a lot like him.

http://cameron1am.edublogs.org had a nice avatar; it showed how funny he was with hat and how happy he was with his multicolor backround and how his shoes prove how much he loves soccer.

And now for my out of the state people: I found http://2021cmw.edublogs.org/ He had a good website, but I think he could have more on his website. After that, I found http://aaronsschoolblog.edublogs.org/ His website was really awesome. I liked his post on the robot hotel staff. And that is the blogs I have visited for now!